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November 19, 2009

Reality Is Your Ruler

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I’ve always been intrigued by homonyms – words that are pronounced in the same way as other words but have a different meaning.

I could write, “Mary is an old sow and sew” and unless you heard it you may not glean that I meant she was the main character in a fairy tale who just happened to be a grandmother pig who stitched things together for the family.

This morning on my way to the kitchen to brew a cup of tea, The Grasshopper popped in from out of the blue and said, “Reality is your ruler.” I immediately went back to my grade school homonym training and tried to decipher which “ruler” he meant – the overlord or the measuring device?

Turns out it’s both.

The most accurate measuring stick is reality. Anything else will give you a false measurement. When we estimate something different than it really is, we haven’t measured with the ruler of reality. Every time we do that, we re-enter the world of illusion – filled with magic tricks and diversion that divert our attention from what is – the only measurement that’s accurate. When we build with false measurements, we engineer predictable chaos.

When you finally recognize that reality rules your life, you know whom to recognize and pay homage to. When we deny that reality is our ruler, we organize uprisings that lead us back to the land of what isn’t – a fictional place that fosters foment. It’s a vicious circle that always has us railing against reality – our ruler.

“Reality Rules” is a bumper sticker I would put on my car. It’s never not the case. Reality always wins the day.

Had a crappy day at work? Reality wins. Had a fantastic day at work? Reality wins again. A moment can never be how it isn’t.

When you recognize reality as your ruler, you have a golden opportunity to respond to it rather than rise up against it.

Some people never get tired of fighting with God. They spend their whole life importuning that their life should be different than it is. I even get atheists’ attention when I say that reality is God.

If I said “God is our ruler,” my message would be cast aside as a pie in the sky pronouncement by many who have no time for man-made religion. I respect that.

When you think of your ruler as reality, the message gets through to many more people. God is a polarizing concept. Have you noticed that “Infinity” isn’t? We can all agree on that unknowable concept, but not an unseen deity.

Reality is the measurable chunk of infinity that’s happening now. If you recognize that chunk as the only way it can be now, you clear space in your mind for how you can create a different reality in the future. If you go into denial, you just get thrown into the battle of “I wish it wasn’t this way” which keeps your full attention on what isn’t and keeps you from creating what could be.

My suggestion is you throw away your old warped, wooden ruler and use the one that’s precise every time – Reality. Once you swear allegiance to it, you have an opportunity to create a whole new reality.

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