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September 21, 2009

Healthy Skepticism

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Skeptic: Cynic, disbeliever, doubter, Doubting Thomas. That’s the dictionary definition.

I find skepticism to be a unique, doubled edged sword. One side quickly cuts through the BS and the other side is butter knife dull and can’t cut into to what’s possible.

The difficulty is that we generally only see ourselves as only using the sharp side of skepticism. We deem ourselves the ever present authority of what others miss.

Having been a world class skeptic myself, I can tell you that skeptics have a penchant for judging things in their head. That means they get in the habit of being right without sufficient evidence to back up their belief.

Skeptics miss a lot. We are so busy being right, that we often miss out on something that’s cutting edge.

Such was the case for me and vitamins. I was so sure that I could get everything I needed from the foods I ate that I didn’t need anything else. That may be true if I lived on a diet of plants, grains, water, nuts and seeds. That’s just not the case.

Then there was my evidence. I had tried high doses of Vitamin C about 30 years ago and got a kidney stone. Then I took more than the recommended daily requirement for Vitamin E and my hair began to fall out. I now had stories to back up my skepticism.

Skeptics not only anoint themselves as being right, they metaphorically put on a collar and begin to preach. I would tell my stories to anyone that would listen and would haughtily dismiss those that had other stories about vitamins as having the most expensive urine in town.

Older is also a double edged sword. It can mean wiser OR more set in your ways. It’s a choice we get to make. Set in your ways usually keeps skepticism in place keeping you from learning something new.

I got my skeptic’s cage rattled when I met Dr. David Lee. I had heard about Dr. Lee from our seminar coordinator, Hali. She would tell me lots of stories about Dr. Lee over the years that I thought were interesting but it was a comment she made in passing that caught my attention. She said that 80% of the patients that Dr. Lee sees have been told to get their affair in order by their physicians and are sent home to die. A number of these patients have gone on to live vibrant lives after experiencing Dr. Lee.

Being a skeptic, I had to go see for myself. I had to meet this person, in person, and look them in the eye. I also charged up the batteries of my BS detector for the trip.

I was blown away. Dr. Lee was the real deal and a real person. He was a Navy medic in the Vietnam War and afterward, came home and began his studies. During our time together, he told me that he never treats disease. He only treats the patient. He uses a multi-pronged approach – one of those prongs being a nutrient regiment that he’s been using successfully for years – both personally and professionally. I liked him already because he practiced what he preached.

My skepticism melted even more when Dr. Lee prescribed to take nothing he said on faith. He invited me to take home his daily vitamin packet and use it for 30 days. He said, “Let your body judge the results, not your head.”

The first thing I noticed after about a week was an increase in energy. Then I noticed that my nails were growing back more quickly. Then I noticed being more alert, especially during the parts of the day where I became somewhat drowsy in the past. These new found feelings and occurrences snuck up on me and I feel absolutely great!

Like Dr. Lee, I recommend that you don’t take what I say on faith. Investigate for yourself. I encourage you to read more about my experience with Dr. Lee and the great opportunity that came out of that meeting for all who visit my website. I request that you log on now to find out how healthy you can be with the assistance of Dr. Lee.

Click on the link below or copy it into your browser and find out what I did – that with the right formula even a skeptic can become healthier.

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