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January 30, 2008


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The mental pathway goes something like this:


A parallel pathway looks like this:


It seems, with either model, that we spend too little time in the middle – The present and acceptance – and our future is determined by the middle way.

The Grasshopper delivered this note in November of 2005:

“Tomorrow’s vision is based on the consciousness you have now.”

Then a year before in December 2004, The Grasshopper offered this:

“Resistance is holding on to what was; acceptance is seeing what is.”

Present and acceptance are interchangeable terms. You must accept what is right in front of you right now. As I have stated before, you don’t have to love it or like it or not make a plan to remedy it, but the present is a constant reality. You may think you have many choices about what is present, but there is only one that works – acceptance. All the other pseudo-choices – denial, control, anger, frustration, etc. are just stalling strategies. You will eventually arrive at acceptance or you will continue to suffer.

Acceptance opens doors. Acceptance takes off blinders. When you accept, you know exactly what you are dealing with. There are no illusions associated with acceptance. Acceptance is the springboard to the future. Acceptance is like a mirror. It doesn’t lie. It reflects your situation with all its flaws. Nothing is hidden. When you know precisely what you are dealing with, then the strategy for the future becomes crystal clear. It comes to you quickly because you have made room for it. You have cleared all the pseudo choices and all their attendant weight from your consideration and a pathway magically shows up.

Many people misinterpret Self-Acceptance. You will know these people by this phrase, “That’s just the way I am.” No, that’s just the way your ego wants to stay.

True Self-Acceptance has you accept all the flaws, not justify them. When you start accepting the present and the reality it shows you, then and only then are you on the fast track to a strategy that opens the door to metamorphosis. You are on the pathway to a new you.

My latest 2 CD set I LOVE MY BODY is totally based on acceptance of where you are now. It is the step that is missing from most weight loss or body shaping programs. The biggest selling CD at all my seminars is IMPROVE YOUR SELF IMAGE. It is also based on acceptance. You can never get to the next step until you fully acknowledge and accept where you are right now.

I hope this gets you wondering how quickly you can begin accepting where you are at the moment so that a new pathway can present itself.

All the best,


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