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August 27, 2009

Common Ground

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I just read on a friend’s Facebook page that he’s been to 38 states. I’ve been to 43 but when it comes to common ground, you can find it even if you’ve never left home.

The opportunity to visit all of these places enriches your sense of culture and geography, but the real gift is recognizing the common thread that runs through all people.

That thread is life.

Life animates all of us in different ways, yet it is the common ground we all share. Just like tomatoes and zucchini coming from the same garden, we share the same nutrient rich environment with others that sustains us and causes us to grow.

What causes one plant to wither while another one grows? Somehow it got blocked from its life force.

There are common traits I see with people in all the places I’ve visited. Those that come alive and thrive have their roots firmly planted in life’s common soil. Those that struggle and wilt have choked off their life force by not recognizing how essential it is.

They have a plan of their own – one that doesn’t need anything but their own resources. Their lives are defined by circumstance and they spend their whole life attempting to corral reality into their tiny corner of the earth.

They forget where they came from and how they got this far. They came from the same source you and I did, but they block that life force when they attempt to create one of their own.

I can’t think of anything with longer odds that setting up a plan that competes with God. Yet that’s the bet we lose every time when we ignore our common ground.

Even some people who are very religious don’t believe in God. They have our common ground confused with some physical deity that religious conditioning has us conjure up. That’s a hard one to swallow for many.

What’s easier to accept is that there is one source of everything – a common ground. It’s what makes the grass green in all 50 states. Once you own that recognition, it’s a lot easier to see that your plan may not be cooperating with the flow of life.

If your garden refuses to blossom, maybe it’s time you invested in common ground.

It only takes two steps to get connected.

  1. Assume that it’s there.
  2. Give up the illusion of control.

Take these two steps today and witness more fruition come your way.

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