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July 23, 2009

I Don’t Want

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The surest way NOT to get what you want is to be an expert on what you DON’T want.

It’s a personal revelation for me that is eye opening.

If your accent of focus is on what you don’t want, where is your attention? It’s stuck on what you DON’T want and there’s little focus left for what you DO want.

It’s sort of like shopping in a discount store that features everyone’s overstocked merchandise. It takes a methodical search through the racks and bins to find something suitable. There’s a lot of dreck to sort through before finding anything of worth.

If we believe we can’t afford to shop in the name brand store, we form a pattern of sorting through all the things we don’t want in order to find what we desire. That’s a long and tedious process that has less than hit and miss results.

This is more than about shopping.

It’s about a mindset that can insidiously take you over and run your whole life – a life with a lot more misses than hits.

The eye opening revelation for me is that just a small shift in our angle of view is all that’s necessary to refocus ourselves.

It’s a strategy I intellectually preach that, in the past, I unknowingly didn’t practice. I could see it in others but missed it in myself.

I was a master at finding out what was wrong with people, places and things because that’s where my focus was. Yes, there is some benefit in that strategy by identifying problems, but if it’s your only strategy, it gets in the way of problem solving. It’s like being an expert in finding the 6 things missing in those pictures in the comics section of the newspaper and not noticing what’s missing from your life.

Listen to your words, they are a dead giveaway to your underlying “Don’t want, don’t get” pattern.

“I don’t want . . .”

“I can never see myself . . .”

“That’s not my dream . . .”

It just takes a small turn of a phrase to put you on the path towards getting what you do want.

“I do want . . .”

“I can see myself . . .”

“My dream is . . .”

There is no magic in the words. The magic is in the focus.

If you’ve been looking through the binoculars backwards, it may be time to turn them around and bring the things you DO want into focus. Then you’ll have something clear to shoot for.

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