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June 25, 2009


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The other day, out of the green, THE GRASSHOPPER arrived with this morsel:

“Don’t wait for a date to celebrate.”

It seems we are always waiting for something – to be next in line at the deli, for the right circumstances, the planets to align, the new season of 24, etc.

We make celebration dependent on something else rather than treating it as the independent contractor it is. You can celebrate independent of events. There is no more waiting necessary.

There is a pretty widespread mindset that suggests that we have to complain before we can celebrate. It’s the “My God it’s only Wednesday” club.

The arithmetic of their actions has never reached these folks. Here’s the equation: It’s impossible to celebrate when complaining.

Do the math; complaining is on a parallel path to celebrating. You can’t get there from here.

I think that we’ve been conditioned that we can only celebrate big things: Birthdays, holidays, vacations, weekends, weddings and the like. That’s a surefire formula to cheat yourself out of a lot of celebrating.

Celebrating is a mindset that can be built “poco un poco.” (It’s so easy when you know the language).

It all starts by noticing you can celebrate just about anything. Getting out of bed can be a celebration. Having your favorite tea or coffee blend on hand is worth celebrating. Celebrate your ability to breathe or walk, or anything else that if it wasn’t available to you, would make living more challenging.

It’s only conditioning that taught you to complain. You can recondition yourself to celebrate. You just have to notice.

Here’s the exercise: The next time you notice yourself about to complain, find something to celebrate – anything! It doesn’t have to be big.

The interruption of the complaint with something to celebrate, when practiced, sets up an automatic program to shift from one to the other. It’s called reconditioning your mind. It takes some discipline to begin the process and the results are worth celebrating.

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