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May 28, 2009


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Next to inertia, I believe the avoidance of step-by-step has been my largest nemesis in life. I don’t believe I’m alone.

Getting started is always taking the first step. It takes a lot for some people to advance their toes on that journey. The thing that keeps inertia in place is the daunting vision or conversation we have with ourselves about the proposed trek and the attendant feelings about the number of steps that are necessary after the first one.

That’s enough to stop anyone in their tracks.

I’ve discovered the secret about treks. There is only one step necessary – the one you are on now.

We just never give the proper attention to the step we are taking right now. We have the tendency to ignore it while we ponder other steps that can’t possibly happen until we complete this one. I call it paint-by-numbers boredom. See my blog post from last November.

There is a certain allure of beginning at the top without having to build a foundation. It’s embedded in our culture, mainly through advertising, that there is a shortcut for everything. Reminds me of a story . . .

I am a big fan of Little Richard – one of the pioneers of rock and roll. I loved watching him play the piano with that raw energy and blinding speed. I took piano lessons as a kid but never had the discipline to get past the scales. I wanted to be able to play Good Golly Miss Molly right away.

Later as an adult, I asked my friend, an accomplished pianist, to show me the notes and chords to play that song. I just wanted to know how to play the introduction, nothing more. He showed me but my playing of those notes and chords never sounded like his. I was missing the foundational training of rhythm and tempo and other nuances that made my presentation sound stilted and disjointed.

Here’s the lesson: You have a whim, not a desire if you aren’t willing to embrace step-by-step.

If you string back-to-back whims together, you unwittingly have, step-by-step, built a pretty unfocused life.

“You’re lazy” does not apply in many cases. It’s more like “you’re whimsy.”

Here’s a suggestion: If you have found a vague description of yourself within this blog post, commit to something, no matter how small, and do it step-by-step. Follow the recipe to the letter and notice the result.

If you want your life to be more than a collection of tips and tricks, get curious about immersing yourself in something – step-by-step.

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