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October 20, 2021

Adult And Immature

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Fire hazard g8e2bf4be7 1920The Grasshopper asked if you can be an “adult” and be immature at the same time. My experience informs my answer, and it’s “Yes.”

For example, a friend immediately comes to mind. She is by all measurements a responsible adult. She also has a giant polarity response. That means if you say “black,” she’ll say, “white.”

One of the biggest signs of immaturity in an adult is a well developed polarity response. She ticks that box.

Another sign of immaturity is the lack of ability to be counted on. The person I have in mind seemingly has all the hallmarks of adulthood: takes care of his family, does his job well, gives to charity, and loves his dog. But when push comes to shove, you can’t count on him to pick up a shovel. He may agree to help out, but, almost always, you can count him out.

Three more traits that round out my Top 5 signs of immaturity are:

1. Failure to take responsibility.
2. Failure to apologize.
3. Upset with everyone.

If you’d like to read more about these 5 signs, start reading on page 144 in my free ebook: INTER RUPTION: The Magic Key To Lasting Change. You can read it online or download at

Most of my readers are adults, but most of us have some percentage of immaturity. That’s a reality. The good news is we can grow up a little bit more by addressing our little corner of an immature world.

That means to recognize the part we play when our immaturity is on display. Start noticing if you deny responsibility, or have “Fonzie’s” inability to apologize, or tar everyone with your ire instead of the just the person who caused your belly to be on fire.

When you notice your immaturity about to come out to play, interrupt that behavior and be an “adult for a day.”

The more often you notice and interrupt, the less often you’ll be denied a seat at the adult table.

We can all benefit by growing up. We just have to stop drinking from an immature cup.

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