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June 2, 2021

Control vs. Choice

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Music 697622 1920Control is our favorite fairy tale – one that we’ve bought into so often that we think it’s real.

Yes, there is control when it comes to things. Think of the volume control on your TV or smartphone.

But as humans, we don’t have control, even though we believe we do.

Do you control your appetite? If so, for how long? It’s a temporary thing we attempt to do. Those tantalizing temptations aren’t going away anytime soon.

Do you attempt to control other people? How’s that working?

The things or people we try to control becomes very trying.

Enter choice, the thing that’s real and works far better than control.

It may come as a surprise to you that people don’t break habits. They may outgrow them but they’re always present in the background. So, if one decides to come off of vacation and show it’s face, you won’t be able to control it, but you’ll be able to make a choice as to whether to engage it.

Life is a series of choices. We make them countless time each day.
So, when we run into a challenge, the surer bet is to make a choice as to whether to automatically comply with an old way of handling it (controlling it) that has never worked, or choose a new response.

The minute you attempt to exercise control, you’ve given up your power of choice.

Sorry to report, there is no Santa Claus, free lunch, or control. They are fairy tales from a long time ago, and if you want to move forward, it’s time for them to go.

You have a choice. Are you going to pick choice or control?

There’s only one answer that’s good for your soul.

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