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November 29, 2017

Too Stupid To Be Aware

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Stone ageThe other day I was struck with the contrast between being stupid and being aware.

Stupid does not equal lack of education. There are a lot of stupid, smart people.

Stupid, aside from being a pejorative, suggests to me that there is a lack of awareness present. You may define that lack of awareness as being ignorant and I would agree, except when that ignorance is willful. Then it’s stupid.

Fill in the blank . . . The people from (state, city, town, country) are stupid. Reminds me of a story . . .

I’ve lived in 8 states and have visited 43. I grew up in Pennsylvania and have heard and said the following phrase countless times: “Those damn, stupid Jersey drivers.” It’s the same everywhere I go. Please substitute your neighboring city or state to validate my point.

What we’re really saying is they are ignorant when it comes to the rules of the road. If it’s politely pointed out to them (no, not with that finger), and they continue to do it, they are willfully ignorant or, better stated, just plain stupid.

Stupid people choose to ignore facts. Oftentimes, they will counter a factual presentation with an “exception to the rule” argument. For example, you may accurately state that your football team has the oldest starting lineup in the league. You know you’re talking to someone stupid when they move the goal post and reply, “oh yea, we just signed the youngest running back in the division.”

The discussion is no longer about the facts presented. It’s a willful attempt to distract from the facts to make it about the exception.

If you turn your back to the facts, sorry to say, you are stupid.

If you are willfully ignoring the facts to make your point, your point will only hit home with your fan club – those too stupid to be aware.

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