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June 16, 2017

Tell Me a Story

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StoryHere’s an old story I found in The Grasshopper archives:

“I Don’t Know More; I’ve Just Experienced More.”

We’ve all given advice, some solicited, most not. I’ve come to learn it’s better to be asked. And when delivering that requested advice, I find it more productive to come from the angle of experience rather than a position of your superior knowledge.

When you come from the position of knowledge, you immediately put the person on the receiving end of your wisdom a rung or two lower than you on the ladder. That distance makes your message harder to hear.

When you come from experience, you’re just telling a personal story about you that another can glean insight from, rather than feeling like they’re attending a lecture on how to live.

Become a better storyteller and you’ll help a lot more people. People like to hear stories; that’s why so many successful traditions use them. Think no further than the teachings of the ancient Chinese to Buddha to Jesus to George Lucas.

Your stories come from your experience. They’re authentic and they teach without preach.

So the next time you’re asked for your advice, rather than telling them what you know, share an experience and watch them grow.

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