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May 18, 2017

Spectator or Participant

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BaseballUsing baseball as an analogy, a spectator is a fan watching or listening to the action on the field. A participant is the player on the field.

In your field of dreams are you a spectator or participant?

My experience is most of us fall into the spectator catagory.

That means we watch life go by and rarely jump in to participate.

For example, we live vicariously through others watching something like the Kardashians on TV. We may dream of another lifestyle or another direction to head in but never take the first participating step.

You can learn how to do something from a book or a YouTube video but if you don’t execute the steps, you remain a spectator.

It’s nice to be a compendium of information on a topic but it’s beyond words when you actually participate.

Quoting the Grasshopper from many moons ago, “Plans without follow-through are dreams that die.”

Want to start living the dream? Participate!

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