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July 19, 2016

Reality Doesn’t Reverse Itself

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Upside downStumbled across this Grasshopper tidbit that highlights a universal illusion that we all suffer from from time to time:

“Reality Doesn’t Go In Reverse.”

Life, like a friendly game of golf, doesn’t give out “Mulligans” (Do-overs), but we pretend it does. This piece of personal illusion has us repeat our defeats and prevents us from moving forward.

If there is a bigger governor on progress than miss-assessing or lying about our current location, I’m unaware of it. We cannot get to where we want to go when we make up where we currently are. If we hit the ball in the woods but pretend we’re on the fairway, every shot will bounce off trees and bring us to our knees.

The undebatable reality is this: You are where you are and no amount of mental spin can put you back where you were. Starting over doesn’t exist in life; starting from where you are does.

The starting point is always here and now. There is no amount of deft logic that can make it any different. If you need more proof that this magical thinking doesn’t work, just look at constant setbacks of anyone who wants to start at the top.

Starting from where you are takes noticing and then action. Here and now begins with facts, not what we want the facts to be. You can’t get the ball rolling until you recognize it’s not.

Where are you?

If you are anywhere but here, you can’t get there from any other version of here.

There is one other truth you can count on besides death and taxes – Mirrors don’t lie. Look at your reflection and describe exactly what you see. That’s precisely where you are. Don’t sugarcoat or embellish; just take precise and accurate measurements. This is noticing.

Real action begins when we notice we can only begin at the beginning. That means to step off from where you are. Just take a step in any direction. You’ll be able to course correct much easier when your feet are on the ground vs. walking in the clouds.

“To thine own self be true” is a piece of wisdom that will ground us when we’re tempted to chase a sky of blue.

The probing question that will start you on a new quest is: Where am I? Any answer, other than here and now, is a lie.

Reality is always moving forward and will leave you in the dust if you stop and smell the artificial roses.

You will measurably reverse your luck when you recognize that reality doesn’t go in reverse.

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