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January 22, 2016

Lucky Charms

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Good Luck CharmDid you ever notice that your good luck charm only works when you’re lucky?

I’ve never seen statistics of car accidents where St. Christopher Medals were present, although I’m sure police reports are full of them.

What is it with the talismans? I stepped on a million cracks in my lifetime and I never broke my mother’s back.

Lucky socks, superstitious routines, the eye of one newt – seems we all have some bizarre notion on how to garner luck or ward off evil that has an exponentially smaller probability of winning than the game of Roulette.

What’s the harm, you ask? Nothing if you use them just to affect your mood or give yourself a lift. The real harm is that fertilizing these myths keeps us from seeking a solution that has a better chance of winning than waiting for blind luck to waltz in and change our life.

I have John 3:16 inscribed on a golf tee given out by a Christian friend. I will tell you that I have made shots with it that both landed on the green and went smack dab in the middle of the water.

It’s the same mentality that many people have about horoscopes. They cite the seer quality of them the one day that it was spot on, and ignore the other 364 days of inaccurate drivel.

I’m all for having a lucky mindset. That just means that you’re optimistic and optimism causes us to see possibilities when they arise verses pessimism that keeps the blinders on and potential possibility out of view.

I find it difficult to be around people who are waiting for good luck to strike because most of their life is spent waiting and not doing. Lack of doing what’s necessary to be successful is rampant in our culture and it maddens me.

Here’s one of life’s secrets: You have to participate in your own success. You can’t do that if you spend your time waiting for a rabbit’s foot to find its way up your ass.

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