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November 10, 2015


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HeartburnWe’ve all heard this old axiom: “Variety is the spice of life.” I’m not sure you’ve been exposed to this next one because I just made it up: “Variety is the staple of life.”

You would have two very different lifestyles if you picked one over the other.

Seems we all seek some level of variety; it’s only the amounts that are different.

Here’s what I find: People who fall into the “Spice” category seem to be more comfortable in their own skin. Those that seek “Staple” are always seeking and never finding. They belong to the “out there” crowd.

“I’m seeking something that’s out there” seems to be their mantra and mission. For the “Staplers,” it’s a lifelong quest for zest – one that’s never fulfilled.

The “Staple” crowd rarely looks “in here” because they’ve been conditioned that it’s “out there.”

The next new thing is forever on their menu, forgetting that the last new things had them experience all spice with no staples. That’s a recipe for a lifetime of heartburn.

Want some organic variety? Stop seeking and find what you already know. Find out that the peace and satisfaction you think is “out there” is already present – “in here.”

The spice of life is available right where you are right now. No need to travel or seek, just surrender to its presence. That means you have to get out of your head which is swimming with a variety dead fish that won’t feed you for a day.

Give yourself a mini vacation from your thinking and your quest for perpetual variety will start shrinking.

One way to calm your thoughts is to notice them. How much of your thinking goes unnoticed? When you take the time to notice what your mind is thinking, you create a break in the action, what I call “a pause of peace.”

String a few of the pauses together and you’ll discover the genuine spice of life and experience a variety of peaceful moments.

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