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July 1, 2015


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SwimmiesThe Grasshopper delivered this to my stream of consciousness: “Let consciousness carry you.”

I had no idea what it meant but immediately imagined myself in a stream being propelled downstream only by the current.

In this little fantasy, the only time I used my hands and arms was to avoid some floating debris by swimming to the right or left, and then it was back to being carried by the stream.

“Why swim when the current can carry you?” was my question.

It dawned on me that when we attempt to think our way through things, we are using effort when we don’t have to. Consciousness will carry us, if we let it.

It takes some trust to stop swimming. It also pays to stay aware for the occasional twig or branch that we may have to give an assist to push out of our way.

When we are attempting to solve a problem, we are conditioned to think (swim) our way through it. It’s a learning process to let the stream do the work. This means to trust that there is a part of you that will deliver an answer without you having to exhaust yourself swimming.

The Christian concept of “Let go and let God” comes to mind. But even if you’re an atheist, the process of being carried by consciousness works.

You’re transported to an answer with a lot less effort when you let consciousness carry you.

Ask yourself, “How do I solve this problem?” and then just jump into the flowing stream. That means to go do something else with your thinking. Do something that takes up your conscious thought. It could be as simple as washing the dog or car or taking a walk or jog, or washing the dishes – anything that will occupy your conscious train of thought.

That’s when your consciousness goes to work, flowing all sorts of solutions your way without you having to swim a stroke.

Think of consciousness as your own pair of “Swimmies.”

Finally, allow me to float this idea your way: “Sink or swim” is an outdated idea. Today, all the cool kids are letting consciousness carry them.

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