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June 30, 2015


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ThoughtfulThe Grasshopper came up with this thoughtful observation: “Thoughtful is loving.”

It reminded me of my friend Jerry Stocking‘s definition of love: “Love is inclusion.”

I decided it was time for some quotation fusion.

How often have you said to someone, “That was so thoughtful of you”? It seems to me what you were really saying is, “That was so loving of you.”

You thought to include them and thereby show love with your gesture.

We may not immediately equate thoughtfulness with love but to me they’re one and the same. In most cases, we just can’t bring ourselves to say the stronger word (Love) and that’s sad.

Anytime you do something to let someone know you’re thinking of them, you’re really expressing your love. They were included in your thoughts so much so that you created an avenue of expression for that love.

Through our conditioning, it’s awkward in our society to say, “I love you” without it being misinterpreted as some romantic intention. That’s also sad.

You love more people than you think you do. It’s evidenced every time you express your thoughtfulness.

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