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June 26, 2014

What’s Possible?

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C515616 mWhat little piece of creativity is itching to get out? That’s a question The Grasshopper asked this morning.

Everyone is creative; we all create, all the time. But there are some pieces of creativity that we keep bottled up. We keep them at arm’s length by crowding our attention with notions of “not able.”

When our consciousness is focused on what we can’t do, our creativity has a more difficult time getting through.

What is it that you think you can’t do? Once you rule out world-class ballerina or Olympic swimmer, there is a lot we’re capable of creating that’s not seeing the light of day, simply because we keep it locked in with limitation.

Here’s something to try on for size: Start asking yourself, “I wonder what’s possible?” Make possibility inquiry part of your daily routine. My experience is that our subconscious mind works well with questions. The answers we receive aren’t instant – something the conscious mind demands and rarely gets. This other-than-conscious part of us does its work in the background but it does need something to work on to spur its creativity.

Take the time to create some physical reminders for yourself. Put a 3 x 5 card or Post-it note by your bedside with the question “What’s Possible?” on it. Stick one on your bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator. Put one in your wallet or purse. Surround yourself with possibility.

The secret to receiving is asking. Ask “What’s Possible?” often and watch your creativity begin to flow and your notion of “not able” become an outdated fable.

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