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October 12, 2007

Columbus Day

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Today is the original Columbus Day – the one we used to celebrate before legal holidays in the USA were moved to Mondays. It commemorates the discovery of America. This got me to wondering about discoveries of all sorts and here’s what popped in.

We tend to think of discoveries as something new. My perspective is they are something old. They have always been there but were just covered up. Suppose you were raking a pile of leaves and found something extraordinary. You may say you discovered it. What if you changed your angle of view just a few degrees and declared that you “uncovered” it?

You have uncovered something that always existed. This may seem like an exercise in semantics and it’s more.

The more is that its always been there for your benefit but it has been hidden from view. How may things are hidden from your view because they are covered up by a pile of thoughts?

When we make the effort to think ourselves to a solution, we add more leaves to the pile ensuring that we will never get to our personal “uncovery.”

The path to personal uncovery is getting S P A C E between our thoughts. That’s where all the uncoveries come from. S P A C E is the cosmic leaf blower – the shortcut to the treasure that’s always been around.

There are many ways to get space between your thoughts – hypnosis, meditation, yoga, tai chi and paying attention to the present moment just to name a few.

A few moments of space will have you discover more about yourself than years of thinking will ever produce. So if you are looking for a new world, a great place to start is in the gap between your thoughts. It’s the most fertile field for growth and however you get there is worth the effort.

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