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If Your Life Is A Mere Footnote, Sing For More Than Just Kicks - Grasshopper

Going for just the gusto has you miss what sits below the foam.

Metaphorically speaking, when you look to the heavens and see a star twinkle, before you see its next twinkle, will represent your entire life span. How much life you receive between cosmic pulsations depends on how whole you allow your life to be.
The impoverished life is one dedicated to finding fool’s gold and never being able to cash in. The treasured life finds the limitless cache in you and allows it to guide you through your journey.
The treasure maps being sold by our culture are just duplicates of the ones that didn’t work for past generations. They only indicate one spot to dig and everyone digs in the same barren hole. It’s like the difference between experiencing the Great Wall of China and buying a replica of it in the gift shop.
Life is full of fun things to do and having fun is a noble pursuit. When it is your only focus, you remain in the shallow waters of life and can’t take the plunge into your personal depth.
The more shallow we remain, the more we attempt to control our surface waves of pleasure rather than experience their natural depth when they come in with the tide. This pseudo-control is the folly the ancient sages refer to as “pushing a river.”
The more time we spend pushing against the tide, the more blinded we are to the power of retreat.
Taking a personal retreat into the depth that is you, delivers more fullness to whatever your amount of twinkle turns out to be.
You will recognize you are on the border of your depth, when your perpetual pursuit of happiness takes a break. This is one of life’s choice points. You can either hop back on to the Carnal Cruise Ship and sail in circles, or you can take a submarine ride and explore your depth.
The minute you discover that you are more than your pursuit of things, is the day you discover your depth.
And the cool thing about the submarine ride is that when you come back to the surface, you have a finer appreciation of how the unexplored level contributes to a fuller, smoother cruise through life.
I readily agree that letting your reach exceed your grasp is a great stretching exercise, but if that’s all you do you’ll be grasping at straws.
Constantly chasing the horizon will shorten your twinkle and always keep you wanting. When you discover the depth available to you where you are right now, you not only enrich your life, but act as a guide for everyone else.
As the English nursery rhyme teaches us:
Then the traveler in the dark,
Thanks you for your tiny spark,
He could not see which way to go,
If you did not twinkle so.
All the best,

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