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Humpty Dumpty And Spilt Milk Make A Great Omelet - Grasshopper

You can't unscramble an egg but you can have it be the base for something new.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? What really came first was the question. It's asking the same question and looking for meaning that prevents us from moving forward.


We stay focused on questioning the meaning of reality and lose sight of it in the process. The mind adds meaningless meaning that keeps us stuck in the frying pan.

The quote that never made it into the history books should have been:

"I think therefore I am unhappy."


If you need a blueprint, here is the Hierarchy of Unhappiness:

Top - Thoughts

Middle - Patterns

Base - Conditioning


Unhappiness comes from your "meaningful" thoughts. Your thoughts come from your patterns. Your patterns come from your conditioning. Your conditioning comes from the social, cultural and parental environment in which you grew up. You got most of your patterns by accident, just like your pattern of speech.

You can't change the past - your personal history.  You can't directly change your thoughts. That's as futile an effort as trying to prevent the return of a bad penny. You can, however, change your patterns.


If you get egg on your face, that's a reality. You can't change what happened. The temptation is to point fingers. You can certainly blame your parents for your habit of knocking milk over, but that just insures your bartender or therapist stays employed, and you remain unhappy.

Your patterns of behavior are the connection between your conditioning and your repetitive, unhappy thoughts. They are the monkey in the middle. If you reconfigure your patterns, you throw a wrench into the machinery. That's when new thoughts and new opportunities present themselves.


Unhappiness has become a patterned way of life. The traditional philosophies to remedy the situation simple don't work. You are encouraged to "think positive" or "change your thoughts; change your life." Those strategies have the same lifespan as willpower - short.

Adjusting your patterns begins by recognizing them. Patterns are the engine that keeps your train running along the same track. Recognition points out the track switches along the route. The more often you notice the switch option, the more likely you are to throw the switch and head in a new direction.


There are two voids from which thoughts arise. One is the conscious void of the mind; the other is the void of the universe. The mind has a finite capacity; the universe is unlimited.

When you get trapped in the conscious void of your thinking, you can only produce the same patterned thoughts made from the same source materials - your conditioning. Unhappiness, pure and simple, is the result of not being able to think your way out of a situation. The tool you are using (thinking) can never do the job.


What would happen if you began to notice your thinking? The part of you that notices is the part of you that can shift your patterns. The noticing of thought comes from the universal void. Noticing is the Swiss Army Knife of tools.

Noticing your thoughts gets the two voids working together. Your conscious mind becomes infused with the energy of the universal void and new thoughts arrive.  By noticing, you create a space for the universal reservoir to offer you something outside of your conditioned, patterned thinking.


So if you've had a great fall, notice this: Your thinking is keeping you yoked to the ground. And, allow me to say once more for the choir, and anyone else willing to listen: It's not what happens to you, or what you think about what happened. It's what you do about what happens to you that makes a difference.

Thinking is not doing. In fact, you're not even doing the thinking, your automatic pilot is.


Your repetitive thinking will keep you handcuffed to your patterns of past conditioning.

Your noticing of what you are thinking awakens your awareness and gives you the opportunity to make spontaneous quiche, whether you're a real man or someone else.

Humpty Dumpty lay on the ground

Thinking his thoughts and wearing a frown

If he took the time to notice his thinking

He wouldn't be a rotten egg lying there stinking


All the best,


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