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Bet On The Best Possible Outcome And You Will Never Lose - Grasshopper

Your odds of winning increase when you cease betting on what you want and start wagering on "What is."

Ask yourself this: "What is the best possible outcome?" Notice that your patterned answer is only filled with upbeat specifics. You come up with a litany of positive choices to roll around in your mind and then you select the most attractive candidate and focus your efforts on it.


This method has long odds. That's why the term "Professional Gambler" is an oxymoron. Your memory of your betting past is myopic. You easily remember the handful of windfall wins when you took home a big slice of the pie. You disproportionately ignore the long line of losses and lose sight that your strategy is really pie in the sky.

When you change the definition of "best possible outcome," you win more often.

The best possible outcome is accepting what is, because reality is the only outcome that is a sure bet.


It all starts with agreement. Can we all agree that what happens is what happens? If you answered "No" to that question, you are committed to a losing strategy.  Maybe an example would be helpful . . .

Pretend for a moment that you are the slot machine manager in a casino. To make the case even more real, imagine that you have to manually keep track of the odds of winning and losing each time, for each patron's push of the button or pull of the lever. You have no computerized help. You have to make countless calculations each second and hope the house comes out ahead.  


That's what we do when we pretend we're in charge of the outcomes delivered by the universe. We overload ourselves with unnecessary work that depletes our energy, and we gamble away our odds of winning.

To turn the tables on our losing strategy it is necessary to retrain ourselves to accept every roll of the dice, from snake eyes to sensational.


We are currently conditioned to react in a patterned way to reality. We "whoop" when we win and "whelp" when we lose. Acceptance lets us respond to both winning and losing.

Our path to mental calm and serenity of sensation is to respond to reality. That doesn't mean to become stoic and avoid feeling the emotional stings that life brings. That's not possible. This is more of a suggestion to place the bet that has perfect odds - Acceptance.


The "best possible outcome" (Reality) is the only thing to bet on because it is the only option available. The odds are 100% - the same odds for "political rhetoric" being with us forever, or against Whoopi Goldberg having a successful 900 number.

It bears repeating, the best possible outcome is the one that shows up, so bet on it!


It's not what happens but how we respond to what happens that takes us off automatic pilot. Our predictable patterned reaction automatically leads us to the false conclusion that we can control reality. We can't, but we can accept it. Denial of reality will keep our creativity in check. Acceptance releases it.

Your luck will begin to change when you learn how to play the game.  So continue to ask yourself, "What is the best possible outcome?", but let your answer come only after considering the full spectrum of possibilities.  The winning bet is to always accept what the spin of the reality wheel delivers.


Acceptance is always a winning strategy ensuring the best possible outcome.


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