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Time Will Never Heal A Wound That Has An Enemy - Grasshopper

The jury may still be deliberating that "time heals all wounds," but there is no question we are bound to those whom we love forever.

Yes, it's true we may have intellectual uncertainty about ever healing, but underneath the grief is an unmistakable knowing that love's cord of connectivity can never be denied or severed.


We can easily feel the ties of love when we think of someone embedded in our heart, but it becomes more of a project when we see those with whom we have differences as separate.

The unvarnished truth is that love connects us all, yet we spend enormous energy attempting to prove that we're not connected to some.


We are connected to the angelic and despicable alike. The animating force which powers us also powers them. We may reject their deeds and keep our distance, but we'll never heal if we treat them as a separate entity undeserving of love.

When we include all, the divisiveness of separation disappears. Consider it on a personal level. There may be parts of us we don't like, yet they are part of us. If we shun them, there is no hope of finding a common ground where we can grow together.


The winning logic of the popular phrase "There is no I in Team" underscores the obvious oversight of the divider's mantra which is: "There is no Me in Them."

"Us" and "Them" may work during the skirmish of a football game, but when the whistle blows, handshaking with those who tested our skills highlights the connectivity of "We."


There is no growth without being tested and there is no healing while harboring hatred.

The answer to Rodney King's question "Can we all get along?" may be "No," but it doesn't prevent us from acknowledging the foundation of connectivity that gives us the best chance for stitching wounds and healing humanity.



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