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Life’s Menu Is Limited When You Only Shoot Fish In A Barrel - Grasshopper

The low hanging fruit will only feed you for so long and then real hunger appears.

Let's pretend that you join a multi-level marketing organization. Your job is twofold:

1.       To sell a product.

2.       Recruit people to sell that product for you.


After you sell your mother, father, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors and friends, you have to find real customers if you want to make any money. Secondly, if you want to make more than enough to exist on, you have to find other people to sell the product for you, so that you reap a portion of their commissions as well.

There comes a point in life where moving out of the safe zone is necessary, otherwise you wind up with more of the same. The tastiest fruit is on the skinniest branches. There is a reason old sayings keep cropping up - the words point to a universal truth that won't go away. Such is the case with "No Risk, No Reward."


You already know the compensation for doing what you are currently doing. That's a fixed formula that will never deliver anything else. If you consider branching out, the fear of risk will pay you a visit. The question you'll ask is, "What if I gamble and lose?" A better question that will alleviate the risk and open new doors is: "What am I really risking?"

You'll find that your fear of risk only protects the mundane existence you seek to escape from.


Please don't confuse this as a pep talk to attract more tangible trinkets to make life better. This isn't a nudge to go after the cultural, societal mother lode, although risk can be used to attain that too. Just be aware that with that narrow a focus, there is more wanting after you get what you think you want.

This encouragement to risk is to push you past your daydreams and negate your nightmares so you can find the reward that calms your mind and soothes your body and soul. The reward of wanting to live in your own skin can only happen when you risk letting go of the illusion that you need "something" to be "somebody."


You're already a somebody. The fact that you are here proves that. The question is: "Are you a somebody that you can peacefully live with?" The answer is always "Yes" when you risk peeling away your illusion.

How much pressure do you put on yourself to be somebody else? That is unmanageable risk with zero reward.


Side Note: If you just thought to use this message as a justification to continuing saying, "That's the way I am," stop reading now. There is no reaching you.

This encouragement to risk is for those who know there is something more rewarding for them that's deeper than deep pockets. This risk involves removing the layers of makeup that you've added to an already perfect self.


Yes, by doing this, you will lose something - your false identity and all the pretending that goes along with it. The reward is that the "somebody" you find is someone you'll want to sleep with every night.

It's really easy to stay where you are. Just risk nothing.


If you stop attempting to be who you think you ought to be and expend that energy in uncovering who you really are, the truth will present itself - There is really no risk at all, only rewards.

Risk undressing the person you've made up and you'll see the bare truth - The most rewarding risk in life is finding your authentic self.  It's more rewarding than shooting fish in a barrel.



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