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Argument Has Not Left Town- A Cause To Frown - Grasshopper

Do you like to argue? You will not find me in your company for long, or as a counter to your point. Argument, from my vantage point, is pointless.

Aristotle’s type of argument only exists in classrooms - what a pity. His definition was argumentation from a point of logic. Today’s arguments seem to hide logic under the tarp of emotionalism and pandering.


My favorite quote about arguing comes from the book Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit by Daniel Quinn. His character Ishmael says, “There is no argument to end the argument.” That sums it up logically but we still argue. To what end?


The conditioned need to be “right” is the best answer I can arrive at.


The Grasshopper long ago said, “Some people would rather be right than happy.” Sadly, that “some” includes you and me.


Arguing has not left town, but I have. I’ve moved outside the city limits so I can remove the limits that arguing imposes. It’s not a zero sum game because when the argument is over no one wins.


I can’t tell you that removing yourself from the realm of argument will make you happy. I can report that you will experience more peace.


I used to do a radio talk show, which is a platform for argumentation. I haven’t done a talk show for 30 years and I never listen to them. But I accidentally hit the scan button on my car radio the other day and it landed on a talk station. The argument I heard was the same one I heard over 30 years ago. That same argument will be alive and well when I’m dead.


Channeling the anti-war slogan of the 70s: “What if they had a war and nobody came,” I ask you to get curious about this question: What would happen to the argument if you decided not to participate? More importantly, how much better would you feel?


Whether you are arguing with another or with yourself inside your head, stop and notice there is no winner at the end of the squabble, only pieces of you separated from your peace.


I’m not sure I’ve made a factual argument here but here’s something I know for sure: Arguing doesn’t lead to less confrontation, only more.


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