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The Vibration of Your Bell can be Heaven or Hell - Grasshopper

Did you ever notice how short the sound associated with the ringing of a bell actually is? The sound comes out of silence and returns to silence, and what is in between is our existence.

I just bought an ancient musical instrument known as Ting-sha. They are two pieces of metal that resemble miniature drum cymbals that are connected by a rope or leather strap. One of their uses is to clear the mind for meditation by having the two pieces strike each other. They produce a melodious, finite sound that mirrors life.


The sound made by the Ting-sha or any bell has a predictable existence. There is a causative strike that produces the rich, vibration that fills the air and then the sound decays until it is no longer perceptible.

This is more than a long way of saying that life is short.  


You can spend the interval of your ring either by analyzing this sound you make or feeling its vibration. Analyzing your bell is a living hell. We spend most of our lives removed from life by living in our head instead of our body.

How well spent was a person's day if he worried most of the day about something in the future and then suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed and died? His last day was spent in his head, divorced from feeling the ever present vibration of life in his body.


The vibration of life is what makes us feel alive. The decoding of the sound has us miss the whole and pay attention to the parts. It would be like riding in a world class automobile and giving all your attention to the glove compartment while you missed the passing sights, the car's performance and the comfort of the ride.

Maximize your ring time by fully appreciating the vibration it delivers. When you escape into your head, you are cheating yourself out of life. You miss the vibration known as you.


The best way to remain absent for your life is to stay stuck in your head. When you give attention to what's going on in your body, you attach yourself to the vibrations of life.

Take time each day to notice what's going on with your body. Make it a ritual. Begin slowly with a few minutes and then increase the interval and feel the life force within you. This is time well spent which leads to a pattern of living in your body, rather than your mind.


The result of this practice keeps you tuned to the frequency of life and allows you to experience more of it.

From this day forward, let the sound of any bell serve as a reminder to lead you back to your body where life rings true.


All the best,


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