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Tomorrow’s Difference is Based on the Consciousness You Have Now - Grasshopper

My friend, Hali recently saw this saying on a church billboard: "Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday." How much time can we afford to be absent absorbed in future worry or past woe?

The raw truth is that we insure the sameness of our tomorrows by not being present today.


When I was in grade school, our school presented an award at the end of the school year for perfect attendance. I got to thinking about the spiritual significance of that the other day. It seems that when we are absent too often, we miss a foundational piece for our future to rest on.  Tomorrow becomes just like today. It's perpetual "Groundhog Day."

Tomorrow's springboard is always right now. Now is the only time you can effectuate a changing tomorrow.


Benjamin Franklin's famous quote, "Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today" is applicable past its anti-procrastination message. The truth is lots of things can wait for tomorrow but being present is not one of them.

When you are absent in your life, there is no attention being paid to the only thing that can contribute something different to your future - the present moment. The quality of your attention to now opens your eyes to blind spots that nonattendance keeps in place.


So much of our thinking is about past and future and relatively little attention is given to here and now.  Keeping that practice in place is like rehearsing your speech for when you win the lottery without ever having bought a ticket.

The winning ticket is paying attention to what is happening now.


If you are looking for a future that's different than what you currently have or experience, you must give attention to the building blocks - the succession of present moments.

Each moment that you become aware of fills you with high quality energy that promotes a broader view. This broader perspective gets you to notice different doors that are available to walk through - doors that you missed when your attention was absent.

You can only step into a different tomorrow by behaving differently today.


Present moment practice can begin by just noticing things that are always going on but that you are rarely aware of. The easiest door to the present moment is to notice something going on in your body - like your breathing. You can only breathe now, and by noticing this present moment occurrence, you stop wasting energy on past and future thinking which is always a diversion and which always takes you to the same place - stuck!

Each moment paid attention to become richer because you experience so much more. If you stay inside your head, you miss what's going on in the playground known as the present.


Make a promise to yourself now that you will take a moment each day to put the cares of the world away and play in the present. The feelings associated with this practice will have you wanting more, prompting you to pay more attention to here and now.

Tomorrow can only be different than today when you allow the past and future to fade away.


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