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Between Marbles and Marble There’s Room to Find Life - Grasshopper

From the time we discover our humanness to the time when our name is inscribed on polished stone, there is an ever present opportunity to wipe the sleep out of our eyes and see what's always been there – life.

Life is singular. There aren't a bunch of lives, yet there are billions of separate existences. There is only one life and the ability to infuse our existence with it seems to be our real earthly mission.


We judge our earthly existence by our successes and failures in terms of what we did or didn't do. We were a good parent or we weren't. We were a good spouse or we weren't. We were skilled in our work or we weren't to name a few. These judgements have nothing to do with the abundance of life you are entitled to. It's your birthright.

Every human existence is entitled to life - even the vilest of creatures. It's this life that removes the venom.


From our playground days to our interment, life sits and waits to be discovered. It's the animating force of our existence but we live in Missouri and can't see it. Although it's invisible, life shows itself but we must go beyond our conditioned perceptions to find it.

Reminds me of a story . . .

There was a panhandler who literally lived from hand to mouth. He spent most of his existence begging for alms and passers by took pity on him. No one ever got the whole story of how he wound up here but it was certainly a fall from grace. From his meager donations, he was able to sustain his existence, but not much else. One day he looked in his collection cup and noticed something sparkle from an embedded bump that had always been there. He dug it out from the bottom of the cup and found a small piece of covered up crystal. The sparkle made it stand out from the coins and occasional folding money he would receive. It wasn't worth anything monetarily but he cleaned it up and took a shine to it. He began to carry it with him each day. No one could explain what happened next, but all of a sudden people were drawn to him and they willingly wanted to give. He moved off the streets into a house but returned to the streets everyday to talk about his discovery. These informal chats inspired people to search for their own piece of crystal - one that lets the light shine through. The message he gave was to take it with you wherever you go and you will never hunger as long as you live.


The beggar's bounty was the light of life that was there the whole time. It was waiting to be let out but it was buried and occluded by the layers of film he heaped on to it with a steady stream of cloudy conditioning. It really wasn't his fault. He was trained by other conditioned beings that influenced him to add to his life, when the real truth is he only needed to allow life to add to him.

It's not our life we are living. It's life living us. The sooner we begin to appreciate that we are the receivers of life and all that it has to offer, the sooner we cease to become beggars.


Infuse your earthly existence with the light of life. Pause each day and recognize that you are imbued with the same life that animates all life. Life is singular. This simple eye-opening recognition will cause things to change. You find that you have a connection with all of life and you allow its natural warmth and glow to sustain and guide you.

The minute you find the one simple reason we are all here - life, that's the day mere shadowy existence falls away as it becomes illuminated by the light of day.


All the best,


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