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Purity Has No Equal - Grasshopper

Nothing compares to purity.

I was squeezing fresh orange juice on Father's Day. It's something I do a few times during the year - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays.
Nothing against the orange juice makers, but their product does not compare to the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice. It's pure!
It's the purity of something that makes it unique and special. "Pure genius" comes to mind. It is something so hard to describe but easy to notice.
There is no question that we were all much purer when we were born - unadulteratedly pure. As the old joke goes, "We were as pure as the driven snow, but we've drifted a bit since then."
The thing that suffers most from this separation from purity is our thoughts.
Our thoughts now contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, red dye #7 and assorted other impurities that influence our actions. Our actions are a reflection of our polluted thoughts.
The ideas, notions, beliefs and routines that we've added to our mix over the years are a departure from the purity we once knew. That purity is the absence of thought.
When the thought machine subsides, there is an opening for the silence of purity to work its restorative magic. We not only become more peaceful, but the quality of our thoughts and actions improves too.
Prove it to yourself.
Notice the head trash you've been tossing about in your mind. Notice how it influences your actions. Now, take a break and find a place where you can allow your mind to become still. For some it's the beach; for others it's the mountains, or a place of worship. It really doesn't matter where it is as long as you take a few moments to go there for quiet reflection. You can just imagine that you're at that peaceful place and get the exact same results.
This small visit to a serene place, whether real or imagined, not only quiets your mind but imbues your spirit. It's the pause that really refreshes.
What you'll notice is that you have experienced you innate purity - the stillness of thought.
Out of this stillness, comes a less cluttered mind, with thoughts that are infused with purity. These are the type thoughts you'll want to act on. They bring the most return on investment.
Take the time to notice that you have polluted thoughts. Then make an appointment with your pure self to visit and rejuvenate. It is some of the best time you can invest in yourself and it's FREE!
Your thoughts become freshly squeezed and your actions are purely delicious.
All the best,
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How To Change NOW!
You may wonder how some people make changes effortlessly while you continue to struggle.
What's their secret?
They changed their routine.
They didn't do it with a lot of "trying" - just noticing.
Have you ever taken the time to notice your routine? For example, have you ever encountered a "chain smoker?" They light another cigarette from the one they've just completed smoking.
If you look at the "chain of events" more carefully, you will begin to notice something. Somewhere in their routine there is a decision point. Let's call it the point of action.
What would happen, if just before that point, you were able to interrupt that routine? You would create options rather than having an automatic response.
The smoker, once they reach the decision point, only has one option - to smoke.
They feel helpless because they don't recognize their options.
The same is true of people on a weight loss plan. They get to that decision point and only have one option - to eat what's in front of them. Then they feel guilty.
You are not at fault; you're just a slave to your routines.
Noticing your routines is the first step in changing them. There is no creativity in an automated choice - just a sameness that gets you the same result. That's great for routines that are working for you but paralyzing for ones that aren't.
Trying to fight with your routines is like trying to fight with the ocean. Reminds me of a family story . . .
When my boys were younger and living at home, we would rent a cottage at the Jersey shore for a couple of weeks each summer. We went to the beach everyday and a good portion of that time was spent in the water riding the surf. I remember starting a ritual with them that we did at least once a vacation. We would stand almost waist deep in the water facing the oncoming waves. We formed a human chain by holding hands and puffed up our chests and resisted the approaching wave. We all got knocked back or under by the sheer force of the ocean and when we collected ourselves we said the following in unison:
"Man versus ocean; ocean wins again."
Then we would all laugh. When you oppose the flow of reality, you get knocked on your tushie every time.
Your routines are a reality. They exist. Fighting with them is called "Willpower." Willpower may win a sprint but it always comes up short in a marathon.
The practice of noticing your routines, while they are happening, is the starting point of change. It's a powerful way to demonstrate to you the automatic behavior that routines deliver time after time.
Consistent application of this noticing strategy will eventually get you to your goal.
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All the best,
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