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Anger Is Your Eventual Enemy - Grasshopper

Anger can be used to build empires or tear down walls, but in the end, it’ll be your downfall.

Everyone gets angry, but for some people it’s a lifestyle. Some of these folks are very successful too. They use their anger as a catalyst to get things done. But even after they’ve accomplished what they’ve set out to do, they remain in a vexatious stew.

What to do?

Anger needs to be acknowledged. I tried explaining that to a very successful titan of industry over a decade ago. Even though he listened, he didn’t take the message to heart, and the rest of his life will be spent in a jail cell until he departs.

Flashes of anger are quite natural, but when a flash turns into a forever glaring spotlight, you’re in trouble.

Acknowledging anger when it presents itself and taking time to feel it rather than ascribe its cause to someone or something else, that’s your saving grace.

The phrase to use when you notice your anger is: “I have anger within me.” That’s taking ownership of your feelings and it gives you the opportunity to metabolize those sensations, rather than lash out with vexation.

Acknowledging anger every time it rears its ugly head, will get you in the habit of diluting it instead.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many angry, older people. And the ones I do know have more maladies than are listed in the Merck Manual.

Angry people are the cause of their own demise. So, here’s a word to the wise: Taking your anger to the grave will get you there quicker, and even if not, holding on to it will make you sicker.

Start acknowledging your anger while you still have a chance. It’ll prevent you from being a victim of circumstance.

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