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Yes, No, Maybe - Grasshopper

When making a request, I believe most of us would prefer the answer “yes.” “No,” it seems, is the least preferred, But when we hear“maybe,” we stop seeing roadblocks and start exploring workarounds.

When answering “yes,” it’s hard to go back on your word. Changing your answer from a no to a yes is a rare but more accepted change of mind. But “maybe” gives you the most flexibility, especially if you’re unsure of which way to go.

“Maybe” gives you time to reflect.

In a world where instant answers are demanded, “maybe” gives you, to borrow a line from an old Coke commercial, “the pause that refreshes.”

A couple of cautions: Don’t say “maybe” if you mean “no.” That just engenders false hope. And don’t say “yes” if you mean “maybe.” It’ll get you a reputation of not being true to your word.

Telling people what you think they want to hear vs. what you really mean, eventually leads to disappointment and ill will.

If your answer is a hard “no,” say so. If it’s an emphatic “yes,” no one has to guess what you mean.

But before answering any question that requires a “yes” or “no,” take a beat to ensure your answer is more complete.

Final thought: Maybe this message will get you curious about how to answer a yes or no question.

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