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We’re All Being Tested - Grasshopper

Have you ever felt that you were being tested by a situation you found yourself in?

I think we’re always being tested.

So, if that’s the case, the question then becomes, “Who’s doing the testing?”

Many answers come up, chief among them is God.

I don’t believe that’s the answer. I think we’re being tested by our thoughts.

Our thoughts want us to believe we’re them. We are never our thoughts, never were, never will be.

But our thoughts play a game of “what-about-ism” with us.

I’m sure you’ve been in a discussion with someone who claimed something to be true and you countered their claim with irrefutable evidence. Then, the person, without acknowledging their inaccurate assertion, said, “Well what about . . . (please insert their goalpost moving topic here).

That’s what our mind does, when presented with the undeniable fact that we are not our thoughts, it churns out scenario after scenario attempting to convince us that we are.

To prove you’re not your thoughts, just take 5 minutes or less and observe your mind at work. What you’ll notice is your mind will go on and on, independent from you, generating thought after thought.

You are the observer of your thoughts, never the thoughts themselves.

But your thoughts will never stop testing you. They’re like “click bait” on websites and social media platforms that entice you to come in and play.

When you ignore the invitation, you pass the test.

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