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Truth - Grasshopper

I’ve been looking for a definition of truth that conveys what truth actually is. I believe I’ve found it.

First, let me tell you what truth isn’t. It’s not your opinion, alternate facts, your bias, prejudice, or the phrase that goes up my butt and makes a sharp left: “My truth.”

Truth has no opposite. So, if “Your truth” doesn’t match up with actual truth, it’s a lie dressed up in formal wear.

There’s a great phrase pioneered by the late politician Daniel Patrick Moynihan: “You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.”

It’s my opinion, it’s been a bit overused of late, especially in political circles, but it does convey the essence of truth.

So what’s the definition of truth that works for me every time? Here it is: “Truth: Facts that can’t be spun.”

You can’t spin away from a fact. When you do, everyone listening knows you’re evading the truth.

Back to politicians for a moment. I interviewed my fair share of them when I used to do a radio talk show. To say I wanted to wash after questioning most of them would be an understatement. Let’s just be kind and say they were imitating “plate spinners” on a variety show.

When you spin, evade, sidestep, or tap-dance, you’re moving in the opposite direction of truth.

If you’re looking for a straight answer – the truth, you won’t find it in what TV broadcasters refer to the space where reporter gather after a debate: The Spin Room.

Truth is a zero sum game. There’s only one winner. And as  Lily Tomlin told us many years ago on the comedy show “Laugh In”: “And that’s the truth.”

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