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Mistakes Are For Math - Grasshopper

Who doesn't make mistakes? - dead people, rocks, and my father (to hear him tell it). Also, God doesn't make mistakes. And guess what, neither do you - except in Algebra.

Mistakes are Reality in disguise. They are masquerading as something they are not. Notice the emotional baggage that goes along with "mistakes." What if what you are calling a mistake is just an invitation to find out more about you?

Think of a mistake as a springboard to spiritual growth - an opportunity to find out how deep you can go into yourself and return with something magnificent. This treasure may never be discovered if you don't hop up on the diving board.

Yes, there is the universal law of reciprocals to deal with - meaning an action will get an equal reaction. That's another way of saying you will have to accept the consequences for your acts.

There is also the business of atonement. It's imperative for your well being and for the welfare of others to admit without excuse and to apologize with sincerity and let forgiveness come along when it decides.

If you don't use your mistakes as a launching pad, 2 things will happen:

1.You'll replicate your missteps.

2.They will gang up on you and become an internal lynch mob called "Guilt."  Guilt keeps you focused on your past deeds and prevents you from diving into the deep end of the pool.

Regrets also keep mistakes alive and they really have no purpose other than to keep you glued to the whipping post well past the point of rehabilitation.

The prescription for mistakes is to accept, admit and apologize and then take a nice deep breath, exhale slowly and take a running, bounding leap into the depths of discovery.

I wonder what exciting gifts you'll bring to the surface.

All the best,

P.S. How often do you get to say "my father was right"?

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