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Making You Happy - Grasshopper

Got a visit from The Grasshopper the other day. He said, “It’s not the world’s job to keep you happy.”

Who or what makes you happy? I’m sure you have bevy of answers to that question. Me too.

One of my happy moments happens every time I see a dog’s head hanging out a car’s window. Instantly happy am I.

Anytime I see a Peanuts© cartoon featuring Snoopy and Woodstock laughing uproariously at a corny joke, I have an involuntary smile response and a happy feeling in my body.

Happiness is my instant reaction to those two things. But those dogs in the cars’ windows were not created for my happiness, nor did Charles Schulz have my happiness in mind when he wrote and drew his cartoons. But, I’ll bet a lot of his creations made him happy.

What are you doing to make yourself happy? It’s your job to do that, not mine or anyone else’s. And if you spend your entire life trying to keep other people happy, you’re wasting your life. It’s not your job to make them happy or keep them happy. Taking on that burden is a heavy mantle that will weigh you down and cause you to frown.

Yes, continue doing nice things for people that makes them happy, if it also makes you happy. But if it’s a job, it’s your own happiness you will rob.

“Keep the customer happy” is a salesman’s directive, but that’s his or her job. If they have to do that in their off hours with family and friends, the means won’t justify the ends. They’ll end up unhappy more often than not.

Release yourself from the burden of having to make others happy and your life will instantly become less crappy.

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