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Global Warning - Grasshopper

We’ve all been apprised of the specter of global warming and seem to, for the most part, ignore that warning. We do so at our own peril.

But there’s another warning of a global nature that’ll do us in quicker if we continue to ignore it. It’s the lack of acceptance.

Us vs. them has become the norm, and if it continues, we’re heading into a global CAT-5 storm.

We seem to have lost our ability to celebrate our differences, and have made it our life’s mission to ignore and denigrate the wants and needs of others. “My way or the highway” has become our stalemate inducing attitude. And the result? All sides sit and brood.

People have been conditioned to do things differently: different cultures, different religions, different approaches to life.

Harmony is more easily achieved when we accept our differences and find out what commonalities our different approaches have, and build on them.

Sitting, obstinately, in opposite camps walls us off from any chance of building a future. We’re weaving our own hand baskets to hell when we allow ourselves to endlessly dwell on a philosophy that just won’t sell: Non-acceptance.

Learn a lesson from the turtle: Come out of your shell and move forward. Otherwise, you’ll sit and stew and watch the world crumble around you.

Progress begins when we go to work on our own little corner of the world. Notice that the other inhabitants of your sector have the same basic wants and desires as you. They may have a different way of getting to heaven than us, but it’s in our best interest, and dare I say our survival, to discuss, rather than shut them out and sit around and cuss.

The late Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness told us the path to acceptance is paved like this. If it’s your position that you can’t accept something, accept that you can’t accept it. Just this little shift in wording gets you into the habit of accepting. With a little practice with this “accepting that you can’t accept” exercise, you’ll begin to notice some cracks in your philosophy of sticking to your guns only leads to your demise.

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