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Your Favorite Topic - Grasshopper

What do you enjoy talking about most?

For some it’s about their profession, others about their hobbies or exploits, and for many it’s about their family.

What topic do you relish talking about?

I believe the answer is revealing and pulls back the curtain on your purpose in life.

Most of us have wondered, at one time or another, what our purpose in life should be. Many are still searching for that aspiration. They feel an emptiness with what they’re doing and are looking to fill that void.

For me, I had a successful career in broadcasting. It was my driving passion for about 10 years. But I spent over 30 years in that business, and had a gnawing feeling during the last two-thirds of that profession that it wasn’t what I was destined to do.

I found my way into the people helping field by learning hypnosis. I took extensive hypnosis training and delved into other fields of study that were being used to help people make changes.

What led to that transition was me recognizing what I liked to talk about most. It was about helping people get in touch with their internal resources. I found that change begins on the inside before it shows up on the outside. I had found my purpose.

So, I invite you to examine what you like to talk about most. I believe it’s a leading indicator as to what your purpose in life can be.

Your purpose doesn’t have to be lofty; it just needs to be something that fills you up to the point that you love talking about it.

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