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Separation And Connection - Grasshopper

I was reading the works of Alan Watts recently and he made an interesting distinction about the concept of space.

He postulated that space connotes two things: separation and connection.

He suggested that most humans view the space between things as separation, but the ancient writings, he expertly wrote about, depicted space as the connection between things.

Most humans believe we are separate and apart from others. “I’m different,” says the separatist. There’s no question about there being surface differences, but under the hood we’re all connected to the same life force that’s in others.

Spiritual writer Eckhart Tolle offers a powerful example of our sameness when people say they have nothing in common with someone. He points out that in a matter of years you’ll both be rotting corpses. Or in the case of cremation, scattered ashes.

You can choose to stay separate and apart, but that removes the sweetness from life and you’ll remain a disconnected tart.

The suggestion here is to adjust your angle of view when it comes to space and notice it’s the connecting tissue between me and you.

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