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Who Lit The Fire? - Grasshopper

I remember from my days as a Boy Scout that you need kindling wood to build a fire. It makes it easier for the larger pieces of wood on top to catch fire and the results are a roaring blaze.

Seems we all have human kindling wood as part of our makeup. We have the germ of an idea or an inkling as to which direction we want to go. But we can’t seem to light the fire necessary for blazing a desired trail.

We’re all innately talented in some area, but those talents remain on the woodpile until we’re inspired to catch fire.

Can you cite someone who lit the fire within you to spur you on to greater heights. Who is that someone for you?

For many it’s a parent, a teacher, a mentor or someone we don’t personally know. We may have read an autobiography of an inspiring someone, saw one of these folks on TV, or heard them on the radio or a podcast, or saw them on a Youtube video.

However you came by them, it’s time to celebrate them and give credit to those who lit the fire.

When I hear one of my favorite singers interviewed, I always want to hear who musically inspired them. It reminds me that we are all standing on someone else’s shoulders and we didn’t get here without someone lighting a fire under our tushy.

Take a moment today to openly or silently celebrate the person who lit your fire and turned it into more than a desire. Just by giving them their proper due, it rekindles the fire within you.

Some folks say they are totally burned out but according to Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of the best selling book, “When Bad Things Happen To Good People,” we don’t burn out; the work we’re doing just loses its meaning for us. Find something with meaning to pursue and watch the flames rekindle within you.

Who is that someone who can light a new flame? Seek them out and catch fire again.

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