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Who Is The Real You? - Grasshopper

If your answer to that question is your thoughts about who you are, let me politely say, “You have rocks in your head.”

Not only are you not the thoughts in your head, the real you is not your personality, your breeding, your conditioning, or any label you give yourself, or any role you play.

The real you is the unemotional observer of your thoughts and actions. It’s available 24/7, but here’s a well kept secret of why most people don’t recognize their real self. It’s because they mistake it as more self-talk that blends in with all the other blather in their head.

Here’s how to separate the real you from the internal chit-chat machine. The real you will catch you in thinking mode and comment matter of factly on your thinking. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re in your head beating yourself up about something or worrying about something. If you catch yourself thinking, meaning you observe your mind at work as a bystander with no emotional attachment to the thought, you have activated the real you.

This catching yourself in thought can be followed up with a “just the facts, ma’am” comment like, “I’m having the thought about being behind on my bills” or “ I’m having the thought about not being good enough.” These fact based, unemotional observations is the real you talking.

These real world observations interrupt the thought machine just long enough to make some space in your mind for more productive thoughts to pop in.

You can catch yourself thinking easily a hundred times a day. If you follow up this catch with a fact based observation, you have activated the real you, the part of you that’s responsible for allowing creativity to come through.

Anytime you notice and interrupt your thinking with a fact based, non-pejorative comment, the real you makes its debut.

And finally, here’s the catch of the day: The real you is one less thought away.

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