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Hide And Seek - Grasshopper

What are you hiding? I’m not personally interested in your answer, only in having you ask and answer the question of yourself.

In that list of things you conceal is one big secret you’re hiding from the world. The question now becomes, “Why are you hiding it?”

The answer to that question is, “If anyone ever found out, they wouldn’t like me anymore.”

Can I share a secret with you? They already know. They may not know the content of your secret, but they know you’re hiding something and they like you anyway.

The objective of this exercise is not to get you to reveal something private to the world. It’s to get you to notice what you’re pushing down into a dark corner and not dealing with.

I call this exercise, “Looking in the mirror with warts and all.”

When you stop hiding something from yourself, you take steps forward towards acknowledgement, which leads to addressing your issue instead of stuffing it down again.

Seek out what you hide and look at it in the light of day. This illumination will spotlight a way to turn your dark nights into brighter days.

The more often you acknowledge your secret to yourself, the less power it holds over you. And before too long you’ll no longer be able to say, “Hiding secrets keeps me getting in my own way.”

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