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Avoiding The Void - Grasshopper

Talking to ourselves is more than a national pastime; it’s a global pandemic.

It just seems so natural to go into our head and blab our life away. So, we let our mind hold sway and chatter to us all day, every day.

What we’re doing by allowing that practice to go unchecked is avoiding the void. That means we resist going to the place where internal conversation doesn’t exist.

It seems so foreign to us to seek out the spot that gives us respite from the non-stop blather that we’ve become accustomed to.

But the void is our savior. This place of quiet contemplation is the oasis for fresh, new thoughts, actions, and ideas to spring from. But you can’t talk yourself into the void; you need a passcode that will get you past the diatribe bouncer. That secret password is “quiet.”

You don’t have to say it, only display it to enter the void.

The reason we avoid the void is the same reason we rarely become adept at anything: failure to practice.

It takes a little practice to quiet your mind, and the end result gets you results that have avoided you in the past.

They laughed at the football player who took ballet lessons until they found out how flexible he became, adding handsomely to his game.

Others may pooh-pooh the idea of getting quiet as some sort of arty voodoo, until they see the results in you.

Practice getting quiet; any meditative practice will help. And, after a time, you’ll enter the sublime with nary a thought in your mind, and come away with something that will make your day.

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