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Investing Too Much Time - Grasshopper

Here’s a personal discovery I’ve made along the way: Investing too much time in thinking about what you don’t want.

I also found out I wasn’t alone. Seems the larger percentage of people I’ve met have the accent on what they don’t want. The downside of that perspective is it keeps what you don’t want in place. It acts as a self-fulfilling prophesy.
I think most of us are well rehearsed in what we don’t want, so there’s little value in going over those lines again. We won’t soon forget them.
You can shift the balance in your favor when you shift your thinking to what you do want. “Do” is an option producing mindset.
Ask yourself regularly: What DO I want? The answers to that question present a wider playing field with more options in view, rather than the limiting option of what you don’t want that keeps you in a mental stew.
It’s an easy exercise to do. Just make it a daily practice to focus on what you do want. You needn’t spend hours on it, just a few moments a day. It will keep the don’t want thoughts farther away, and what you do want will have more sway.
You ultimately decide what you choose to spend your time on. I suggest you choose DO. And in doing so, you’ll avoid the pile of don’t wants and step in less do-do.
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