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Wisdom Can Come From Anybody - Grasshopper

A more accurate statement would be, “Wisdom can come through anybody.” And it helps if you break the word “anybody” into two words: “any” and “body.”

Every body is infused by spirit. Call it a life force if you’re more comfortable with that description. That life force is what delivers any wisdom we receive.


Think of our mind as a receiver and our spirit as the sender. Like on a walkie-talkie, you can’t receive when you’re holding down the talk button. When we’re inside our mind blabbing to ourselves, our sender or spirit’s wisdom can’t get through.


I can assure you that person that you just can’t stand is caught up in their internal blather and it blocks their innate wisdom from coming through. We judge these people as idiots, morons, scum, diabolical, narcissistic and a whole host of other words that cause us to believe they’re incapable of wisdom. They’re not; they’re just blocked.


If you can get past their hardened veneer, you’ll get a glimpse of their spirit, if only for a moment. Even their body is infused with a creative life force. It’s just hard to see when they’re wrapped up in the world according to “Me.”


I’m not asking you to become pen pals with these folks, just move your internal judgements out of the way for a moment and see them as a vessel of blocked creativity. By doing so, it will make it easier for you to exist in the same world as them, instead of insisting they don’t belong in this world.


This exercise is for your peace of mind, not theirs. You’ll never change them, but you can change your response to them. And one way is to notice they’re the same as you. The only difference is their spirit is blocked from their view.


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