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The Argument Game - Grasshopper

How often do we confuse who we are with our point of view? Just about all the time is darn close to being true.

Arguing, which I loathe to do, is often where we confuse the two. We attach ourselves to the position we argue for, and it limits our view of our own breadth and depth.


You’re deeper than an argument. But when we muster our forces to fight for being right, we cut ourselves off from our abundant inner light.


There will always be differences of opinion in this life, but don’t let them take on a life of their own. If you do, you’ll be like a dog with a bone, not knowing when to let go.


You are not at stake when staking your claim. It’s the information that’s up for debate, not you. When someone issues a counterpoint, they aren’t attacking you, just your point of view.


But if we feel we’re being attacked, our conditioning may have us fight back. But if you recognize it’s not you under siege, only the words leaving your mouth, the interaction is less likely to go south.


Begin to recognize that you and your opinions are not one and the same. Then you’ll discover you’re head and shoulders above the argument game.


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