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Why Am I Here? - Grasshopper

My guess is a lot of people have asked that question of themselves: “Why am I here? I’m sure the answers received were as varied the Baskin-Robbins menu.

To me, that question suggests purpose, as in “What is my purpose here?” My question is a bit different. I put the accent on the word “here,” as in “What am I doing here and now?”
It will get you more actionable answers. “Why am I here?” will get you global and esoteric notions to pursue, while accenting the words “here and now” puts the emphasis on “do.”
The Grasshopper gave us this nugget many years ago: “Doing diffuses fear.” Doing suspends thinking (fearful or otherwise) long enough for us to accomplish what we’re too often musing about.
This isn’t a suggestion to do busy work or not look before you leap. It’s more of a model to follow to get out of the thought process in which you’re steeped.
Here and now is the only time you can do. You can’t do in the past and you can only envision what to do in the future, but “here” is the only field you can plow now.
I think the answer to “Why am I here? boils down to this: I’m here now; what shall I do? “I’m here to relax. I’m here to have conversation, I’m here to have fun. I’m here to mend a fence or to pitch tents.” Whatever!
Embrace the notion that you’re here to DO something now. Then go and do it. My answer to “What’s your purpose?” is to do. If you start making that your life‘s mission, you ‘ll stop waiting for good things to come to you.
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