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Shady Cornfields - Grasshopper

Ever see a cornfield? A shady one? If so, you didn’t see too much grow.

Reminds me of a recent story . . . I don’t have a lot of ground where I live, so I started various plants on my back porch: basil, dill, squash, peas, tomatoes, and corn.
The corn sprouted quickly and outgrew the pots I started them in. I replanted them in some bigger bins and put them in the little backyard that I have. Their growth halted. That area doesn’t get much sun. And call me late to the horticultural party, but it dawned on me that I never saw a shady cornfield. The good news is I drug the bins out next to my sunny driveway and growth has continued.
It got me to wondering: what personal goals are we attempting to grow in the shade? Shade, in this context, is too much planning, too much excuse making.
Doing is sunshine. Do you have a goal? Here’s a question worth asking every day: What am I doing today to grow that goal? Goals require sustained action – water, fertilizer, and sunshine. Let your action stop and you’ll watch your goals, one by one, flop.
If you attempt to grow your garden in the shade, you can’t count on a crop, you can only count the excuses you’ve made.
I’m reminded of a quote from the internet guru of succinct pieces of wisdom: Robert Brault. "Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden?"
Looking for some minor miracles? It may sound corny, but if you stop hiding in the shade, you’ll be able to put your bumper crop on parade.
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