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Your Mission - Grasshopper

Do you have mission? If not, you’re probably not going to get what you’re going after.

Reminds me of a story . . . My nephew graduated, along with five other Navy SEALs, from a civilian university at the top of their class. The admiral who spoke at the commencement gave a credible reason for that. He said, “SEALs are trained to be mission oriented.” They methodically move through their mission completing one objective, then close the door and move on to the next piece. They repeat that process until it’s “mission accomplished.”
There’s a major lesson in there for the rest of us. Unless what we’re aiming for is a mission, we’re more than likely going to miss the mark, repeatedly.
It’s what I affectionately refer to as the “nice to have” syndrome. Picture a horizontal line in your mind that goes from zero to one hundred. Any objective that falls on the left end of the line is something that would be “nice to have,” but not attainable by you because of the low priority it’s given.
Contrast that with something you have listed closer to other end of the scale. That’s known as “If I don’t get this, I won’t be able to breathe.” When you’re there, you’re in mission territory.
“Nice to have” objectives are great talking points but lack passion. We can blab about them until we run out of air, but they won’t take flight until they’re on the right . . . end of our scale.
Is there something that’s been eluding you your entire life? It’s a safe bet it’s been wading around in the shallow end of the pool all these years. If you truly want it, it requires a deep dive into “Missionville.”
If it doesn’t take on that importance, you’ll forever stew about what’s not available to you. The invisible sign you wear around your neck says, “gone fishin’,” instead of “I’m on a mission.”
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