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I’m Gonna Be Upset - Grasshopper

Have you ever predicted how you’re going to feel if a certain set of circumstances happen? My guess is everyone has.

The rub on that practice is this: You’re upset twice, instead of just once. “If she does that, then I’ll really be upset.” That means you’ll be upset thinking about the potential outcome and then you’ll experience it all over again if it happens.

You may be able to estimate or predict how a certain situation will turn out, but if you become upset about your prediction before it happens, you suffer more than need be.

Here’s a suggestion for all of us. When you issue an educated guess about what will happen, guess about what you’ll do in that situation rather than how you’ll feel.

You won’t stave off the feeling if what you predicted comes true, but you will have a better idea of what to do.

My message is simple: Don’t suffer in advance. It’ll take you down dark trails you’ll get lost in and you’ll wallow in agony by predicting how miserable you’ll be.

Here’s some of the Grasshopper’s sage advice: There’s enough gloominess in life without having to experience it twice.  

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