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Who Do You Think You Are? - Grasshopper

It seems like a pejorative question on first blush, but “Who do you think you are?” is really a probative query upon deeper inspection.

The operative word in it is “think.”


Who we think we are vs. who we truly are trains that run on separate tracks.


Best as I can tell, most of us think we are a collection of our experiences ?" the situations that shaped and conditioned us. That’s the version that we sell to ourselves and the world. “That’s who I am and I’m this way because . . .”


That may be why you act the way you do, but that’s not you.


Running on a totally different track is the part of you that can’t be defined, but also can’t be denied. This “you” does no thinking. It’s just pure awareness. It certainly informs your thinking but has no concrete structure which you can see. It’s like the wind. You know it’s there; you can see its effects, but you can’t see it. You can hear it when it roars, and you can certainly feel it when it comes through the door. Let’s call it the invisible you.


Our invisible awareness is who we are. Acupuncturists have been offering relief to people for thousands of years by sticking needles into places on the body they call meridians. Yet, when surgeons cut people open, they can’t find any meridians. The same is true of a belief. You may have a solid idea in your head about something, but no one can find that belief when they examine your brain. The same is factual about the invisible you. It’s like infinity. You know it’s there, but it can’t be defined.


This invisible you is tried and true. It’s with you around the clock until you run out of time. That’s when the difference between the two “yous” becomes apparent. The thinking you no longer exists but the awareness that animated you continues, infusing everyone who comes into the physical plane.


The message here is simple. Our thinking limits us. Quoting my 4th grade teacher Miss Wagner, “You can have what you want or your reasons why not.” To bypass the thinking you, quiet your mind and tap into your awareness, and start experiencing the winds of change blowing in your direction.


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